The Boys At BoJenx
CH. Brio's Sonic Boom, ROM "Boomer"
CH. Shadowlakes King Oberon "Obe" Retired
GCH. Cibolo's Moonshadow Over BoJenx"Kirby"
BISS GCH. BoJenx Cibolo Whisky Makes Me Frisky "Oban"
BoJenx N' Cibolo Another Shot Another Round

The Girls At BoJenx
CH. JABO's Queen Titania,ROM "Tani"(retired)
Cibolo X's N' O's, ROM "Smooch aka Carli" (retired)
BISS GCh.Brio Cibolo Hot Tamale at BoJenx,ROM "Mollie"
BISS Bronze GCh. BoJenx The 1 N Only Rosie the Riveter
CH BoJenx Rider of Ruby Hills  "Ruby"
CH BoJenx Peppermint Twist "Pepper"
BoJenx N'Cibolos I'll Be The One You Won't Forget
BoJenx N' Cibolos Dream Catcher

Co-Owned Dogs
CH. BoJenx 5 Star General MacArthur "Mac"
GCH.BoJenx N'Brio's Sweet Georgia Brown "Bindy"
CH BoJenx Brio Midnight Train to GA at Cibolo "Mindy"
BoJenx Naughty or Nice at SAVO "Nellie"(AKC pointed)
CH BoJenx Jingle Bell Rock for Bit-A-Swe't "Roxie"
GCH BoJenx How The West Was Won 4 Azcowboyz "Remi"
CH BoJenx Lady Liberty "Libby"
GCH BoJenx Baileys Minty Kiss for Mac's "Bailey"
CH BoJenx Shoot The Moon "Magic"
BoJenx Boom It's A Cowgirl 4 Azcowboyz

Dogs Bred By BoJenx
BoJenx N' Brio's Waltz Across Texas for Chifa "Willy"
D-Mar's Bojenx Holly Berry "Holly"
Cibolo's Moonbeam "Nikki"

Precious Pets
BoJenx Supreme Commander Eisenhower "Ike"
BoJenx General CHF of Staff "Marshall"
BoJenx Behind Enemy Lines Lucie Bruce "Lulu" AKA Ruby"
BoJenx 4 Star Sr. Commander Patton "Tank" AKA Buster"
BoJenx N' Brio's If It Wasn't for Texas "Dallas" AKA
BoJenx Gingerbread Spice "Gracie"
BoJenx Under The Mistletoe - Missy
BoJenx Love & The Cactus Kid
BoJenx Booty For a Bad Man
BoJenx Yankee Doodle "Dandy"(AKC major pointed)
BoJenx Ms Independence "Maddie"
BoJenx The Best Part of Waking up 4 Azcowboyz "Fergie"
BoJenx Good To The Last Drop "Maxwell"

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