BoJenx The Best Part of Waking Up 4 Azcowboyz "Fergie"
CERF (Pending), BAER (Pending) &, JC DNA Clear by Parentage,
Patella's - Pending
Bred  by  Terry & Hayley Jenkins
Owned and Loved by Debra & Jim Hartwig
Fergie is from our Rosie / Baron litter.  Thank you Kim Rutherford for
trusting and letting us use your stunning boy! Rosie had her pups on 6/6/13
by scheduled C-Section. Fergie is a stunning little girl with a fantastic
pedigree.  We look for her to be a beautiful black/brindle about 16 - 17
lbs.  The theme to our litter is coffee and there truly is no better part
of waking up than to see this sweet, lively little girl!  Fergie has a fiery
attitude and the conformation to go with it!  We look for her to do great
things in the ring just like her Grandmother
Mollie and her Mother Rosie,
both speciality show winners!  Fergie will be joining her uncle
Remi in her
forever home with Debbie and Jim.  Check back next year to see how
Fergie is doing in the ring!
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My favorite vet of all time, Dr. Wallace
delivered 3 beautiful pups 2 girls and a
Bean (left), Maxwell (middle) Fergie (right)
Fergie's first few minutes of life!  Beautiful from
the start.
One week and thriving - 12.5 oz
Seven weeks  3lbs 4.5oz
Fergie's first few minutes of life!  Beautiful from
the start.
Eight weeks  3lbs 8 oz
Twelve weeks  5 lbs 0 oz