Ike is a beautiful brindle & white Boston with his
mothers classic look.  He has the most incredible,
expressive eyes that just melt your heart.  Ike was a
surprise in the litter, we thought our Mollie was having 5
pups, but little Ike was hiding out, squished between two
of his siblings!  He was the smallest in the litter weighing
in at just under 4 oz!  He was truly the most special in
the litter, and my show hopeful.  By the time Ike was 6
mo. we could tell something wasn't going right with his
development.  It turns out, that because of the way he
was "squished" while developing, 3 vertebrae fused
causing him to develop scoliosis!  Ike is the most
wonderful boy and as I said, captures everyone's heart
he comes in contact with.  Our good friend Jodi who
co-runs the Wisconsin BT rescue, had just lost her
special Daisy a few months before she had come to visit
us in Tucson.  Well, it was love at first site and our
special little Ike now resides with his very special Jodi!  
Ike has forever touched our hearts and he and Jodi will
forever be part of our family!  We love you both!  Jodi is
truly an amazing person who works tirelessly rescuing
members of our wonderful breed with the Wisconsin BT
See Ike's
sire and dam here.  Pedigree:

To visit Jodi and donate much needed funds
to the
Wisconsin BT rescue click HERE!  
BoJenx Supreme Commander Eisenhower
CERF,BAER,Patella's - normal, JC DNA Clear by parentage
Bred by Terry & Hayley Jenkins
Lovingly owned by Jodi LeMoine
Ike at 3 weeks, truly an American Hero!
Showing just what he thinks of the whole show thing!
Sweet Dreams!
I Know!  I don't even look real,
Smile!                              Halloween 08                     I sure hope my dreams come true!

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BRRRRRRR the winters aren't like back
home in AZ!  Mom can we become  
I Know! Cute as ever, right?
Ike puppy sitting the rescue pups!
What a sweet boy!