BoJenx Under The Mistletoe - Missy
CERF-normal, BAER-normal &, JC DNA Clear by Parentage
Bred  by  Terry & Hayley Jenkins & Marcia Terry
Missy is from our Carli / Cruiser litter  she is a beautiful,
typie Boston, while she wasn't blessed with the best
markings we think she not only has super conformation but
she has that beautiful melting look of the classic Bostons
of the past.  She posses a saucy little attitude and we
feel she deserves a shot at obtaining her championship.  
Missy is a beautiful black/brindle and white Boston,
possessing only the required markings.  She has a
beautiful head piece with nice bone a super top line. Even
at the young age of 13 weeks she has beautiful
movement.  Missy will follow in her nieces footsteps and
be shown exclusively by Hayley from the bred by class
which will be a challenge with her lack of markings.

Missy on right, just born
Missy at 2 weeks
Missy with her ears up!
4 weeks
8 weeks
7 weeks
13 weeks
16 weeks
16 weeks
8 weeks

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